n. & v.
1 a a shape; an arrangement of parts. b the outward aspect (esp. apart from colour) or shape of a body.
2 a person or animal as visible or tangible (the familiar form of the postman).
3 the mode in which a thing exists or manifests itself (took the form of a book).
4 a species, kind, or variety.
5 a a printed document with blank spaces for information to be inserted. b a regularly drawn document.
6 esp. Brit. a class in a school.
7 a customary method; what is usually done (common form).
8 a set order of words; a formula.
9 behaviour according to a rule or custom.
10 (prec. by the) correct procedure (knows the form).
11 a (of an athlete, horse, etc.) condition of health and training (is in top form). b Racing details of previous performances.
12 general state or disposition (was in great form).
13 sl. a criminal record.
14 formality or mere ceremony.
15 Gram. a one of the ways in which a word may be spelt or pronounced or inflected. b the external characteristics of words apart from meaning.
16 arrangement and style in literary or musical composition.
17 Philos. the essential nature of a species or thing.
18 a long bench without a back.
19 esp. US Printing = FORME.
20 a hare's lair.
1 tr. make or fashion into a certain shape or form.
2 intr. take a certain shape; be formed.
3 tr. be the material of; make up or constitute (together form a unit; forms part of the structure).
4 tr. train or instruct.
5 tr. develop or establish as a concept, institution, or practice (form an idea; formed an alliance; form a habit).
6 tr. (foll. by into) embody, organize.
7 tr. articulate (a word).
8 tr. & intr. (often foll. by up) esp. Mil. bring or be brought into a certain arrangement or formation.
9 tr. construct (a new word) by derivation, inflection, etc.
Phrases and idioms:
bad form an offence against current social conventions. form class Linguistics a class of linguistic forms with grammatical or syntactical features in common. form criticism textual analysis of the Bible etc. by tracing the history of its content by forms (e.g. proverbs, myths). form letter a standardized letter to deal with frequently occurring matters. good form what complies with current social conventions. in form fit for racing etc. off form not playing or performing well. on form playing or performing well. out of form not fit for racing etc.
Etymology: ME f. OF forme f. L forma mould, form

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